How To Determine A Layout

Once we purchased the van, we had to come up with a layout that would fit within the constraints of the 4 small walls.

We looked at several other Class B’s, and tried to integrate bits and pieces of our favorite layouts that would accommodate our wish list.

  1. We needed some kind of “garage” space. Since we built everything ourselves, we tried to make the layout as straight-forward as possible. After a few different versions, we finally chose to put the garage space in the back of the van. This gives us ultimate access to the storage bins when setting up camp, or to the bikes if they’re stored inside.
  2. We wanted it to feel open. There is no tall cabinetry (for the shower/bathroom) in the middle of the camper or at the sliding entry door. This allows for an unobstructed visual throughout the van.
  3. Small kitchen space. We put the kitchen behind the driver seat. This gives us easy access to the fridge and counter space while we’re set up at camp. It also creates a nice “working triangle” if we cook outside.
  4. Toilet/shower area. Being at the rear of the van, we have added privacy.
  5. Storage under the bed(s). We used this space for water tanks on the driver side, and electrical/batteries on the passenger side. The back half of both beds is storage. It provides enough room for camp chairs, an outdoor rug, an extra table, sleeping bags, tool bags, and even a TV (if we want it).
  6. Clothing storage. Upper cabinetry provides the rest of the storage. We put cabinets on each side of the van, front to back; food storage above the kitchen, clothing above each bed, and toiletries in the bathroom area.

By making a list of our primary needs, we were able to narrow down the layout that would work best. It’s still a small space, so we pack minimally, but the amount of storage has been great. We just have to double check the lock on the back door when using the restroom facilities. 🙂


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