Floor Install

Material List:

Floor Install 1The first step was to add a layer of insulation. We used 1/2″ foam board insulation (GAF EnergyGuard), cut to fit between the metal ribbing. To secure the insulation, we used 3M High-Strength 90 spray adhesive. In hindsight, we probably didn’t have to adhere the insulation because it would be secured in place with the subfloor, but it gave a little added peace of mind.

Floor Install 2.jpgFloor Install 3.jpgOnce the insulation foam board was secured, we installed the subfloor. This was standard grade tongue and groove plywood. We used liquid nails to secure it initially, then added stainless t-nuts and bolts to go through the van floor – just determine the bolt length based on your floor thickness. The bolts were then sprayed with an undercoating.

Floor Install 4Floor Install 5Next it was time to install the LVT. We could have used a sheet vinyl, which may have been a better option (that is what you find in most RV’s), but we liked the look of the vinyl plank and decided to go with it. The only downside we’ve found is that it does tend to shrink/expand with the temperature, but there haven’t been any issues with durability or functionality.

Even though this was an interlocking plank, we reinforced it with a flooring glue suitable for vinyl.

FloorInstall7.jpgFloorInstall6.jpgFloorInstall9FloorInstall8We caulked around all of the edges, and trimmed exposed areas with aluminum (at the entry step and rear door).

Final Thoughts:

  • It wasn’t so bad…took a lot of time, but it helped to see fast progress.
  • To do it over, we would probably go back with more insulation under the subfloor. We have camped in colder weather (low 20’s night temps), and find that the floor is definitely cold; we might be losing some heat there.
  • A sheet vinyl might have been a better finished floor option since the planks fluctuate with temperature change.

Van Build Inspirations:


4 thoughts on “Floor Install

  1. Good work! It looks great 🙂

    I think most of the heat loss is near the ceiling, since this is where the temperature difference is the greatest with the outside (in winter at least).

    Do you plan on installing an Espar or Webasto air heater under the passenger seat? If so, this will keep your floor nice and warm since it blow hot air near the floor 🙂

    Happy conversion!


    1. Thanks Antoine!
      We looked at a couple heater options, and ended up going the easy route and currently use an electric (ceramic) heater. So far it keeps the van plenty warm.

      We’ve enjoyed following your van build. Thanks for the inspiration!


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