We were feeling the need to do something different. Something more exciting. Something that would take us to new places. We both have full time jobs, and usually don’t get away for long periods of time, so we wanted a quick and easy way to travel. The camper van seemed to be the right balance of comfort and maneuverability. We just didn’t want to buy (and couldn’t afford) the high end Class B campers on the market. So…we decided to do it ourselves.

Scott is an engineer by trade, and has a background in commercial construction. He is always looking for a new project, big or small. I (Rebecca) have a degree in interior design, and have been working in the commercial design field for several years. Even though the van build was a completely new type of project, Scott was confident that we could do it…I was a little more hesitant, but after some research and cost comparisons I was convinced.

With a lot of planning, and Amazon orders, and trips to Home Depot, we did it!

See some of the build process here, and keep checking back on the website periodically for more posts.

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